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Experience is the key for preparation of tax returns and tax planning. The professionals at Hendrix Barney & Co. have the knowledge needed for this job.

  • Business Tax Preparation & Planning
    Every business wants to save taxes, but doing it correctly is not always so simple. A tax strategy may look good by itself, but a holistic approach to maximize wealth and reduce taxes may be smarter. That’s why Hendrix Barney & Co. takes a long-term balanced and integrated approach. We stay up-to-date with new federal and state tax laws and planning ideas.

  • Individual Tax Preparation & Planning
    Most everyone with income will need to file a tax return. Whether you need a simple 1040 prepared or file in all 50 states, you’ll find the expertise needed to file your returns correctly. Some of the services we provide related to tax preparation and planning include:

    • Individual tax reduction strategies including retirement implications
    • Estate and Trust Tax Planning
    • Gift-tax Returns
    • Multi-State Filings
    • Tax Agency Representation

    The earlier tax planning begins, the more options and more time your plan will have to work properly. Advance planning gives the greatest benefit.

  • Nonprofit Information Returns & Planning
    The IRS form 990 now requires nonprofits to answer many questions related to governance for which many nonprofit organizations are unprepared. Hendrix Barney & Co. can not only help adjust your books and records and prepare your form 990, but we can also design policies and procedures to meet the expectations of the IRS. If the IRS believes that a nonprofit may not be meeting its minimum fiduciary responsibilities, it may consider disallowing an organization’s tax exemption. Our firm has the experience to keep your nonprofit in compliance.

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