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Strategic Business Planning

Our business planning services are highly individualized and tailored to you and your goals for your business. In a nutshell, these services are designed to help you effectively run your business and make strategic decisions. Examples of some of these engagements include the following:

New Business Formation

Many people would like to own a business, but careful planning is required because new businesses create unique challenges. Our business start-up services include but are not limited to:

    • Assistance with preparation of a business plan
    • Selecting a business structure that fits your tax/legal/operational situation
    • Preparing a cash flow budget and determining start-up capital needs
    • Preparing bank loan documents
    • Selecting and setting up accounting software to monitor financial activity
    • Obtaining required payroll and sales tax numbers
    • Designing billing, collection, ordering, and payment systems as required
    • Designing internal control policies and procedures as required
    • The next generation has different talents and skill sets, but the holes left by the prior generation need to be filled.

Financial Analysis & Business Planning

Strategic planning and accurate analysis can help keep you and your business ahead of the curve. For example, we can calculate the profitability of various product lines or services or types of jobs. Often, a business may not separate income and related expenses of an activity, job, or product. We can help analyze and allocate costs to determine the profitability of these items. With this new data, clients can make clear and strategic decisions as they navigate the ups and downs of various financial climates.

Business Succession Planning

Closely held or family business transfers to the next generation should be carefully planned for maximum success. Succession planning should tackle the tough issues, including leadership, ownership, and operational changes facing businesses with a strong leader. The next generation has different talents and should take advantage of these skills, but the holes left by the prior generation need to be filled. We can help you outline a plan to make this transition as seamless as possible.

Budget Preparation & Cash Flow Projections

All businesses can benefit from a budget and a periodic comparison to that budget so as to analyze what areas need attention and highlight needed changes. This can also emphasize successful areas that can be made more profitable. A budget can easily be converted to a cash flow projection, or the cash flow projection can be done as a stand-alone calculation.

Sales & Acquisitions

We have experience representing both buyers and sellers and can customize our services to bring you the best value in the purchase or sale of your business.


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